It’s World Water Week! Did you know that almost 1 billion people lack access to clean drinking water? Here are some more facts about fresh water.

1) Agriculture uses a huge amount of water, more than 70 percent of available surface water each year.

 2) Nearly 40 percent of the rivers in the U.S. are too polluted for fishing and swimming.

3) Nutrient runoff from agriculture has created algal blooms that deplete oxygen from the water and result in dead zones.

4) Nearly every major river in the world has been dammed, altering natural freshwater flows, cutting off migration routes and depleting fisheries downstream.

5) We have already lost more than half of our planet’s wetlands and an estimated 30 percent of freshwater species.

6) Sixty-nine percent of river catchments, responsible for the capture and provision of our freshwater supply, remain unprotected — putting more than two-thirds of the source areas of our rivers at risk.

7) Declines in native species and changes in freshwater food webs have been estimated to exceed US $100 million in lost income revenues.

8) In the next few decades, more than half of the world’s people are expected to live with severe water scarcity.

9) Every day, the equivalent of ten jumbo jets filled with children is lost to waterborne diarrheal diseases.

10) Climate change, a growing global population, and increasing demands on water due to higher standards of living threaten to further burden our planet’s freshwater systems.


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Posted on Monday, 22 August
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